Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why I Want to be a Bald Baby

The Tiny Human
Recently this bald baby turned one.

The applause, the balloons, the ruckus...

She was oblivious.

She had no idea that it was all about her.

Sometimes I want to go back to that place for myself.

It's easy, when you hear people say, "Wow--you got a book contract in a recession..."


"Wow--you really stuck with it through the rejection..."


"Wow--your writing really touched me..."

to think,

The ruckus... it's all about me.

But then the wake-up comes; the moment where you weep in the church pew. And you realize that your creator--He is your salvation, and the story is about Him.


Have you been called to serve where others tried and failed,
And with God’s help and strength your efforts have prevailed?
Touch not the glory
Have you some special gift, some riches you can share,
Or are you called of God to intercessory prayer?
Touch not the glory
Has God appointed you to some great noble cause,
Or put you where you hear the sound of man’s applause?
Touch not the glory
A watching world still waits to see what can be done
Through one who touches not that which is God’s alone.
Touch not the glory, touch not the glory, touch not the glory
It belongs to God.

(Words by Erma Davison)

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