Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or treat!

I can't resist Snoopy on any holiday, even Halloween. :)  Therefore - may your candy baskets be overflowing!!! (hey, mini candy bars make for fantastic writer's brain food. I'mjustsaying...)

When I hear trick or treat, I can't help but want to call the bluff, and yell "TRICK!" And just see what the poor kid does. hahahaha. I'm terrible. This is why I go to my church carnival on Halloween, where I must play nicely with others and hand out candy whether they win or lose the bean bag toss...

Happy Halloween! Isn't it awesome as Christians to know that regardless of how deeply the world celebrates this holiday, our God is bigger? Our God is stronger? Our God is able? Our God is good? Our God is constant? HE IS. And He always will be.

So trick or treat, or not. Eat candy, or not (though I recommend, yes) Dress up, or not. (again, I vote yes. hehe) But you know one thing you MUST do this Halloween? As a rule? (and eating your weight in candy corn doesn't count though I dearly applaud the effort!)


Yep! An official order from Scribble Chicks. This Halloween, you  must write. Something. Anything. And give us a word count report tomorrow :)

(bet you want candy now, huh???)


  1. Can I just tell you how much candy I ate instead? And if you want to come babysit/homeschool in my stead, I will knock out a TON of words. Promise. ;D Here's hoping for a window of time while the little one naps (come on...LONG nap!) and the rest of the family fishes tomorrow! I'll count those words for you....

    By the way what was YOUR word count....?

  2. Hahaha! Well at least you got the candy in :)

    And my word count? Ummm....well. 2 snickers, 3 twix, 1 package of skittles, and a partridge in a pear tree ;)

  3. Just because I said I would count them: I managed to squeeze out 1,910 words yesterday. Whew! Oh for more days like that!
    But I refused to keep track of the candy/cookie dough count.