Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To conference or not to conference (really, there is only one answer here)

Thanks for prayers last week. I ask you keep them up. God is at work and I am very hopeful but still ask for prayer, and for God to continue to move in my family's life! :)  There's been a few new hits of bad news since last week but also a lot of good news and I'm focusing on the positive and trusting God to fill in the rest. His love never fails, His promises never waver. "Lord I my unbelief."


Now back to writing.

The ACFW conference is ONE week and ONE day! I'm so excited :)  Is anyone out there going??? I love conference season. It conveniently always happens in the FALL which I blogged about the other day at (feel free to come say hi there) which to me, is a God thing. (you'll understand after reading that post there)

For more info on the conference visit and click the conference link. It's not too late to sign up at the door if you happen to live in Dallas area and have the money. Trust me, it's priceless what you receive from this thing. Not only is this conference an amazing opportunity to network with agents and editors and learn about the craft of writing, it's a time of fellowship with fellow authors, renewing friendships you typically have to maintain online only, drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, getting a slumber-party type experience with friends in the hotel, eating gourmet food, and encountering Jesus through fellowship with other Christians and amazing worship sessions.


I mean really.

If you can't make the ACFW conference this year, what conference do you hope to hit up soon? Which ones have you done before? And what is your favorite part?

Do you have any questions about how conferences work?


  1. My husband starts a new job next week - and for the first time I can consider stashing some money for such a venture! I have barely begun to look into what conferences are where and, not this round, but I'm hoping that within 6-12 months (sounds like baby clothes...) I can find my way to one. (I also want to finish my book in the meantime.)


    I seriously have been drowning in book release stuff that I've barely thought about ACFW. This is the first year going since 2009, and I'm SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!

    Fav part: Enjoying time with writing friends. Being crazy and silly and fun and just loving spending time with people who's brains work weird like my own!

  3. I wish I could go! I love writing conferences. So far I've been to Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference 3 times and the Carolina Christian Writer's Conference once. I'm hoping to attend BRMCWC next May again. I absolutely love learning about the craft, meeting new people, the mountain setting, drinking a mocha a day, etc. It's like vacation for me. =)

  4. Cjoy, that is a very reasonable goal! A dollar here and there, ten bucks here and there, can really add up and help you when you need it. They're so worth it! :) And just FUN!! Don't forget to use your birthday or Christmas too toward stuff like this. People can give you cash that you can put in a specific piggy bank for conference(because if it rides in your wallet it will get spent if you are anything like me lol)

    Krista, SO glad you're getting to come. You're an inspiration, woman.

    Tessa, that's awesome you've been to Blue Ridge. I have not but heard its fantastic.

  5. Um, so, DO they work?
    And Blue Ridge? That's driving distance for me! I'm going to have to look into that one.

  6. Blue Ridge has a great reputation! :)

    Cjoy, the way ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference works (and their schedule of locations is posted on their website at, then click the conference link - upcoming sites include Indianapolis and Nashville and Dallas again) is we start Thursday late afternoon and go until Sunday at 11 a.m.

    In between is non stop action of delicious meals, one on one editor/agent appointments you request upon registration, worship times, free time night with friends to hit the local town/sites (and just escape the hotel for a few hours and breathe real oxygen!) workshops, extended workshops, late night chat courses, mentor appointments available upon registration request, an amazing bookstore with awesome deals, fellowship, a formal gala awards night with gourmet meal and cocktail dresses, Starbucks coffee, and very little sleep ;) You pay a registration fee around $500 that includes all of the above and all your meals EXCEPT Friday night's free time dinner out and any extras like coffee or snacks (though they actually do provide water/tea/snacks most afternoons between sessions) You also pay for your hotel separate but we get a solid discount for being ACFW attendees and if you get 2 or 3 roommates, it's only about another $150-$200 total for the entire time. And it's NICE digs

  7. Oh my. These conferences make my heart race. I have so much to learn and want to learn it so badly.....thanks for the info! :)

  8. Hi Betsy!
    I just realized that you might already be on your way to ACFW, so I hope you have a fantastic time! Here's my question anyway. Hope to hear from you once you're back. :)

    I've begun reconsidering the possibility of attending a conference - it's something that's been on the back burner for a while due to school, work, finances, etc. - and I'm wondering, how does one decide which conference to attend? Is it a standard practice to be a member of multiple writers' associations and, if so, do writers try to attend multiple conferences each year? As it stands for me, one conference would be my max for next year. I live on the West Coast, so something more localized would probably help, too. Do you or the other Scribble Chicks attend other conferences beside ACFW?
    Thanks! :)