Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Year's Resolutions At the Beginning of September

2013 may still technically be a little less than four months away (!!!), but I decided to make a few resolutions know, why wait?

First up, was changing things up on the nutrition front. See, when you're a writer you spend an inordinate time on your bum. It's just part of your job. So, I decided that in addition to my daily exercise routine, I'd incorporate "clean living" principles into my life.

For the record, that means I've given up coffee, except on Sundays before church.

Now considering that every Starbucks barista in the greater Fort Worth area knows me by name and beverage of choice, I thought that was going to be a HUGE deal. But honestly, the more water I've drank, the better I've felt (so far), so I'm pretty excited about that.

Clean eating also means that I've had to start making a lot more of my own food. So far, I've tackled granola, P.F. Chang's chicken lettuce wraps, chili and hummus (not all in the same meal, mind you), and that's been a fun little adventure, too.

In fact, my little foray into eating better has resulted in the birth of a new blog called "46 Days Until Our Family Reunion: A Jump Start Into the World of Clean Eating," so that's been exciting and inspiring. And because of all this newfound energy I've had, I've been dedicating it to my work in progress, which is never a bad thing.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this last quarter of the how about you? If you made a resolution now, writing or otherwise, what would it be?


  1. I'm doing Go Teen Writers 100-4-100!!

    For some good recipes check out
    Theyre all healthy but sure don't taste it :)

  2. Thanks so much, Tonya, and yay for your writing challenge. Love that.