Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The "P" Word

One year ago tomorrow my life changed forever. And as with all big changes, I was so scared I peed my pants.

Okay, I didn’t pee my pants (for once). But convincing my doctor that I hadn’t peed, and was indeed, giving birth, was an entirely different challenge.

“I’m pretty sure I'm having a baby,” I said.

“Give it 36 hours,” she said.

Sure enough, 36 hours later, I had a 36-hour-old baby.

There’s a reason they call it “practicing medicine”.

I’ve been “practicing parenting” ever since.

Just when I think I have this kid figured out, she does something crazy.

If she sleeps for eight hours straight, the next night she wakes up every 15.5 seconds. If she devours green beans, the next day she spews them on the wall. If she begs to watch The Muppets, the next moment she cries at the mention of Miss Piggy.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m getting some mixed signals. And I hear it’s only worse as kids approach the age of two.

So excuse me while I say a little prayer, promise to do my best, and make a visit the restroom so I can change my shorts…

Q4U:  What's the most surprising part of "practicing" writing for you?


  1. Happy birthday to Tiny Human :)
    Most surprising thing about practicing writing? iTS HARD! I always thought I'd have an idea & be totally motivated & itd just pour out and I'd love it. But it get stuck and I question myself, I'm insecure, and sometimes it's downright painful & exhausting.... Yet, I do it still and I still want to pursue writing. That sounds so wrong!

  2. Just you wait. (Insert evil laugh.)
    Ooops. That wasn't helpful (or nice), was it? Keep practicing. When the next one comes, they'll change the questions and you WON'T have all the answers. Been there. Have the stained t-shirts for it.

    On practicing writing - the thing that surprises me most is when my characters make decisions I didn't plan on, taking over a scene, changing things I had set in my mind. Once in a while they almost come to life on the computer screen. Freaky!

  3. I guess the most surprising thing for me is when I come up with a totally awesome, amazing, wonderful character - and I end up being the only one who likes him! Sigh....

  4. Alicia, I know what you mean! I'll be in love with a particular character, but who does everyone else like? The supporting character that my beloved one doesn't get along with... and that's when I just want to scream, "'NO! You CAN'T like HIM better!!!"
    I think the surprising thing about writing is how quickly a story can begin to take over your mind. You think about it when you're sitting in class. You think about it when you're sitting in church (yes... I hang my head in shame). You think about it in the shower. You think about it in every situation where you can't write. Then, if your anything like me, you sit down at the computer and draw blanks. That never ceases to surprise me.

  5. ....oh yes, Ashley! Thinking about it constantly - and yes, in church, too!