Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moody Much?

How do your moods affect your writing? How do you get around your funk when you have a deadline?

I’ve been blessed to write a weekly column for the local paper for almost seven years now. I’m not gonna lie—a lot of cr*p has happened in that time.

Did I mention it’s supposed to be a humor column?

(Try writing a laugh a minute when your family members are sick… your husband’s job is uncertain… or--you fill in the blank.)

When it came down to it, I had to push through. And honestly, it was good for me. Because two days before I got my first book contract, I pushed a baby out of my body. A colicky baby. And I was so grateful for seven years of practicing meeting deadlines.

So I encourage you to push through today. If you don’t HAVE deadlines, make some (reasonable ones!). And do your best to always, always meet those goals.

In the long run, your practice might be your salvation.

Q4U: How do your moods affect your writing? How do you get around your funk when you have a deadline?


  1. My moods definitely affect my writing... I usually write best after football games when I'm pepped up about us winning or down about us losing... and if this makes any sense, sometimes even when I'm emotionally exhausted.
    Unfortunately, sometimes meeting my deadlines means compromising the quality I my writing. Especially if it's not something I'm really into...

  2. Yup, I have this problem. I get apathetic towards my writing and have a hard time pushing through.

  3. I've had an emotional, rotten day with my kids (just some serious honesty here)....I was just considering working on an emotionally intense scene in my story to make these feelings useful. And if I'm lucky it might vent them out a bit. Haha!

    Really, I do write as an escape, and it helps me shake off what's eating me and focus on something else, which has been good. Self-imposed deadline (word number goal) or not.

  4. Deadline definitely help and serve as a "the world isn't ending" reminder when we're down. I'm always grateful for them!

  5. Wow, Ladies. Glad to know I'm not alone. Let me know how your goals work out for you!