Monday, August 13, 2012

The Proposal, part two

Here's the first post in this series!!

By this point, your page should look like this:

Erynn Mangum
My Address
More of My Address
My Phone Number
My Email
Any Other Way of Contacting Me


Next, you need to write a Hook.

Not this guy:

A hook is basically a one-to-two-sentence summary of your novel that not only tells a little bit about what happens in your book but also leaves the reader hanging enough to want to find out more. The goal is to have the editor or publisher listen to your hook and ask, "And then what happens?"

Bet you are glad that I put the word "basically" in there, huh? ;)

Try not to over think it. It needs to sound as natural as possible and I like to end with a question. For example, I might have written something like this for my new book, Paige Torn's hook.

"Paige Alder is the girl who can't say no when it comes to covering responsibilities that aren't hers. Will she learn that a need does not always constitute a call from God before her life becomes one of chaos?"

Once you've got their attention with the hook, you can now write a teaser paragraph. This should be one paragraph (Four to five sentences) describing your story. Again, keep it short, keep it sweet. Only the major turning points and major characters of the story should be mentioned here.

Any questions? Concerns? Please leave a comment so we can tell you our opinions. And remember that in the world of publishing, any and all advice is just that - OPINION. ;)

Looking forward to continuing this series with y'all!


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  2. I'm assuming you meant for us to give a shot at a proposal of our own... If so, this is mine. If not, well... then this is just embarrassing. ;)

    The Pretty One

    Scarlett Carlisle has never been one to step out of her comfort zone, but when she suddenly decides to volunteer with her high school football team, everything changes. Will Scarlett be able to survive life in the gridiron, or will "running with the boys" prove to be too much for this sheltered young lady's heart?  

    When shy, brainy, Scarlett Carlisle volunteered to help with her high school football team her senior year (mostly just to prove that she COULD actually be more than just a wallflower) everyone thought she was crazy. And for a while, Scarlett wasn't too sure about the decision herself. In a world where blood, sweat, dirt, and swagger permeate everything, Scarlett finds herself longing to find her place on her new "team".  Over the course of twelve weeks, Scarlett develops a passion for something she never thought she'd even like. Above all else, she comes to realize that sometimes God decides to show up  in the strangest of places... 

  3. Good job Ashley!!! :)

    I love the title! And your hook is fabulous. I'm intrigued :)

    (Ps - great character name too)

    One suggestion for the summary - I'd take out the parenthesis and the all caps in the word COULD. For a more professional, polished look. Just my opinion! :)

    Awesome ending summary line!

    Definitely a great, needed series Erynn. This is fun!

    1. Thanks. :) Of course. I'm always getting into trouble with my mom about being more professional. She's a legal secretary, so caps bug her, too.

  4. Erynn, would you be able to post an example teaser paragraph? Or even a full proposal example (from a book you're already written maybe?) I find the proposal writing pretty tricky, yet its such an important part! :)