Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So you're in love with a writer? Have fun with that.

I finally joined the 21st century and bought an iPhone this week. Actually, My Boy bought it for me after he listened to me tell a friend why I couldn't keep up with social media.

*Expletive*. Now I have no excuse.

If you love to write (which you probably do since you read this blog), how does your spouse support or hinder your dreams? (No spouse-bashing, please. Unless it's anonymous and entertaining.)

I honestly couldn't have gotten a publishing contract without My Boy's belief in my dreams (or at least his excellent acting skills).

Here are just a few tips for those who love a writer but aren't sure how to show it...

-Take the writer's "job" seriously. Even if they're not working a paying gig right now, the freebies are building a platform that can cause future success. (A.k.a. sales. Which might just work for your $$$benefit$$$ some distant day. ;)

-Be sympathetic. There are going to be ups and downs in this journey, and lots of rejections. This is normal. Sometimes all a writer needs is a little empathy and a lot of chocolate.

-Offer to help around the house some, especially when your spouse has a day-job. It's just the nice thing to do.

-Don't whine about the price of conferences when you just bought a new car for yourself. Consider these opportunities an investment. Just know they're a little like the stock market... it could still all go bust, but you married your spouse for her gambling habits anyway, right?

-Brainstorm with your writer. Let him/her bounce ideas off you and give KIND feedback. (Writers talk. A lot. It's how we process ideas. But we also like to listen... lucky you!)

-Buy an iPhone. For yourself. Because you will probably want to keep track of the random personal stories your spouse is telling about you on the Internet. ;)

That's about all for now... until you add your 16-point list to the comments.

1...2...3... Go!

Bekah Hamrick Martin is the author of The Bare Naked Truth, the book that pokes fun at the lies girls believe about sex.


  1. 1. I don't have an iPhone

    2. I'm a single girl so my non- existent spouse is supportive. I try to project this positive thoughts to him. Seriously, it's something I feel like I should be away of in dating. If I can't date a guy & feel like he's ombaord with me pursuing writing, maybe I shouldn't date him.

    3. I have family though. I don't really talk to them about my writing much. It seems hard to me. There are times though I'd like to see if I can bounce ideas off of them but idk, it's awkward.

    4. However my mom did say something about if i wanted to *travel* to a conferance sometime she'd go so I didn't have to be alone! I don't think she realizes you have to pay guest fees. But w/e, my brother is getting out of the military & looking all over the country for a job. Everytime he mentions one I check to see if there are writers conferences close by :) what a convenient reason to have a yearly visit ;)

  2. I love it, haha! And you totally just gave me an idea for visiting my brother who just moved to Denver, lol!