Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writing A.D.D.

My house is a wreck and my brain is a muddled mess... all because of too much sleep. You heard that right -- my Tiny Human only got up once last night. My poor nervous system doesn't know what to do with rest anymore.

So it's one of those days when I'm having a really hard time focusing. My writing is experiencing a crazy burst of A.D.D. -- but the deadlines aren't going away.

So what happens when you have trouble focusing? Tell us how you get back in your groove. Can't wait -- you might be helping me today!


  1. Try a timer system! (or maybe not an actual timer so you don't wake Tiny Human from her naps ::grin::) But somehow set a specific amount of time where you do nothing but sit in your chair and WRITE. Even if its bad writing. Just write. And get in the flow. Do nothing else, think of nothing else needing to get done during that time. When it's over, get up, and go do something else for an allotment of time. (laundry, dishes, babystuff, etc.) Don't stress over your book while you do those chores. Next time you have a set amount of time for write, set the timer, and know that nothing else can be done except writing. (unless of course Tiny Human has emergency) Maybe that will help you focus and not feel all scattered, like you need to be elsewhere instead of writing.

  2. Take a deep breath, ask God to bless the short amount of time I have and commit it to God. I end up calm and anti stressed!

  3. Love it! You guys are awesome! :)