Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Setting Reasonable Goals

People ask me all the time -- how do you write a book? A book, my friend, is written one e-mail at a time. At least that's what my friend Annette used to tell me as I sent her my chapters.

I know this probably seems over-simplified, but this is my second complete book and here's the system I find works best for me.

I write a vague outline, then I get started. See my little sticky notes? My goal is ten pages a week. I can increase this as my daughter gets less demanding, but 10 pages a week allows me to finish my book in approximately five months.

The publisher's given me seven months to complete the books, so I'll have two months to edit before I turn in the manuscript.

So since I want to do 10 pages a week, I place the sticky notes on my desk calendar. When I'm done with my goal for the day, the sticky note goes on the memo board and I get a mental release of endorphins. :)

Tell me... what works for you?


  1. I just wrote a post on this too. Too funny.

    Gave you guys an award on my blog. Swing over to get it when you have a chance.

  2. This is good advice. *Must get organized.*

  3. @Tasha - That is funny. I looked on your blogs for the award, but didn't find it. Can you send me a link?

    @October - Hah! Now if only I would follow it.