Wednesday, December 14, 2011

M is for Marketing

Here's a link to the book trailer my peeps at Barbour made for my new YA release, coming January 1st. (in case you haven't seen it yet)

What do y'all think? :) I'm soooo impressed! And now I wish it was a movie or TV series. LOL!

I wanted to get some feedback today on marketing.

What works for you guys, fellow authors? And what doesn't? Do you still find value in doing blog tours, book giveaways, contests, etc? Sometimes I see contest opportunities for readers to win a chance to stay at an Inn at the hometown of the book's setting, or a free Nook, or something, and I'm like - wow. Who is paying for THAT? I can't! But in my heart, dear reader, you all win a free Nook ;) If the thought still counts, anyway. hehe.

And most importantly when it comes to marketing - readers!! What do YOU respond to? Do you sign up for contest and giveaways? Do you like reading blog posts by the characters in a book? What are you sick of seeing? What could I do to promote my YA that would blow your socks off? Do you attend book signings? Do you like getting freebies such as bookmarks or pens or magnets, or are they annoying?

I have ideas, but I'd love some fresh input straight from where it matters :)


  1. I'm listening too! Come on -- we all want to know :)

  2. I thought the trailer could be a movie or tv series too :)
    I love contests & giveaways no matter how small! One of my favorites was when an author had a contest to have a walk on roll in her next book.  
    Anything interactive is definitely fun.