Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chinese Guy Rescued from Man-Eating Toilet

Next time you’re tempted to write while you sit on the toilet, remember China.

If you think I’m going to say that’s where your phone was made, you’re probably right – but I’m also going to remind you about the Chinese man who recently dropped his phone down the loo while texting and decided to fish it out.

Only... he discovered the hard way that arms are not as thin as fishing lines. Let’s just say his body obstructed justice for his phone.

The details are sketchy on how the man managed to call for help – but it wasn’t with his cell phone. It took the strength of several firemen to smash the toilet to smithereens and pull the man’s arm to freedom. (It’s still unknown if the firemen had to ask advice from the Chilean rescue workers.)

Which leads me to the second life-lesson this Chinese man teaches us – not only should you avoid texting on the toilet, but you should be grateful for each day you're given, even if it is really cr*ppy.
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