Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Which Type of Organized Are You?

I decided I'd get the workout endorphins going when I turned around and discovered someone had organized my bedside table.

A two-year-old someone.

{Have no fear. The prescription bottle was empty.}

I have a feeling this little girl is going to organize my life. And it scares the crap out of me.

Here's the thing--I believe there are two types of people: those who function best completely organized, and those who function best partially organized.

(Notice I didn't say you lived in one of those realms all the time. But where do you function best?)

I heard a physician say one time that due to his A.D.D., a completely organized workspace drove him to complete distraction. A partially organized one... perfect.

You may have guessed I fall into the partially organized camp. I have my priorities. I function best in my writing life when I:

  • Cook once a week and freeze it (so I don't have to spend time cleaning pots and pans later)
  • Get rid of clutter constantly (I can't think with tons of stuff around)
  • Keep a calendar (this may sound funny, but I have to remind myself to look at it every day)
  • Don't overcommit 
These are just a few examples of how I've trained my crazy mind to be partially organized. On any given day in my house, however, you will find Mount Laundriest in the hallway, foul smells coming from the dog, and a two-year-old who wants her time with mom more than she wants a completely organized house.

Unless that bedside table was an indication of what she hasn't been telling me...

So I'm interested--which camp are you in? How can you tell?


  1. I definitely fall into the partially organized camp. My desk is usually messy (covered in stacks of books, notebooks, and Post-It notes) buy my flash drive (particularly my writing folders) have GOT to be organized. I've also found that keeping an agenda book is helpful for reaching my writing goals. It drives me CrAzY to see the "Write 500 words" not checked off my list.
    I really enjoyed this post, Bekah! Thanks for confessing... I mean... sharing. ;)

  2. Partial for sure. I'm with Ashely on the desk and jump drive stuff....same around my house. Some things need a certain order, like the dishes and mugs. Other things, well, I know what pile it put it in and can find it right away...haha.