Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's a Lonely Job

So many days it feels like you're the only one doing this.

Making time for your dream, nurturing it, or at least... tolerating it by the late-night glow of the laptop.

You might skip a coffee date or stay home with your back to the window so you can focus. Your friends and your family might not understand your need for space... your need to create.

Maybe your hallway has turned into Mount Laundriest and your husband has taken to a great deal of eye rolling and heavy harrrumphs.

Does anyone "get it"?

We do. And it's an honor to be your community, your safe place, your birthing spot for this dream. 

We understand it can be painful. And messy.

But in the end, when you hold your dream in your hands, we'll be humbled to say...

We know her. And we love her. And we knew she could do this...