Monday, January 27, 2014


Well. We have spent the past 48 hours in stomach bug mode. Add that to my not totally functioning end of pregnancy brain and that my son is apparently in a Barney mood today and the writing is likely not going to be happening anytime soon.

So, I have questions for you instead (like how I did that??):

* What is your IDEAL writing day?? Home, coffee shop, park, etc? Do you need silence or background noise? What time of day do you get your best work done? (For example, I prefer to write at home, but there are times when I get way more done at a coffee shop. And after about 4-5pm, I don't get anything productive written. If I do try to write, I end up erasing it all the next day.)

* How do you pick your characters' names?? (No reason for asking this - everyone has such fun ways of doing this that I love hearing about it! Same reason I ask every time I hear a baby's name how they ended up with that name.)

*What inspires your stories? Real life events? Your imagination? Movies?

Hope you guys are all staying well and warm!!


  1. We're all sick over here too. :( Get well!

    Answering number two: I research the historical time period and choose names that are appealing to me, historically accurate, and I like the meaning of. Name meaning are huge to me! :)

  2. Ideal writing day includes ear buds (possibly turned up) to block the noise in my home world, and is typically here at my house, a familiar place.
    Ideal writing time (ie, SO inspired) seems to be when it's time to make dinner. Just by coincidence. Terrible, really. Especially when the kids are hungry...

    I pick names by baby books and social security websites and the sound of them. I try them on like new clothes until I find a good fit for each character. They seem to name themselves--I just have to figure out what it is. ;) NOT how I named my kids, though I have been known to use names I considered for my kids. LOL.

    Real life has inspired most of my stories. One incident, big or small, and I play with it until the story unfolds.

  3. My ideal writing day includes coffee, Hershey's kisses, and a designated writing space -preferably here in my dorm. My desk at home is small because I have to push back the keyboard of our desktop computer to make room for my laptop. Here, I have everything I need around within reach.

    Usually, the name of my character is the first thing that comes to me after his or her general archetype. Sometimes the name has to change because the meaning doesn't "fit" the character and then I HAVE to change it.

    Usually quotes, adages, and Bible verses inspire my stories. Often ideas just sort of stem from the quote/adage/verse and I write a story around it.