Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Have you ever researched filmmaking for storywriting?

I have several friends going into that industry and its fascinating. I've also heard its awesome information to incorporate, even when you plan to stick to novel writing. If you get bored or ever feel like you're hearing the same ol' craft talks over and over, you might consider branching out in that regard and taking a class or attending a conference for screenwriters. I know the ACFW conferences lately have been offering at least one class in that direction and everyone always raves over it :)

Just an idea for your Wednesday!

I personally love watching movies - especially romantic comedies or chick flicks - and picturing it as a novel instead. Seeing if it would work or not, what I would change, delete or add to put it into book form, etc. Its a fun exercise and a great excuse to watch a movie and veg ;)

What do you think?


  1. Sounds good. I have some filmmaker friends and thus was in a movie before. :) A lot of the ideas are very similar to writing a novel.

  2. I do this with movies and music videos. Movies can teach you about plot, while music videos can teach you about things like theme and symbol. Interesting post. :)