Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A little bit of randomness, a little dash of 'sup?

Hey Scribblers!

Sorry this post is so late in the day. This week has been beyond hectic and I thought it was Monday all week, to the point of sending the wrong lunch to my daughter's school. (chicken nugget fiasco, in other words - don't ask)

I just wanted to stop in and say HEY and I'M HERE and STILL UNDER DEADLINE and JUST KEEP SWIMMING and other means of encouragement directed toward myself and you alike ;)

Let's do a check in post today. How is everyone doing on their goals? What's next on your list? Do you need inspiration? Motivation? Prayer? A kick in the rear? We're here for you guys and good for all of the above :)

We're also always taking questions or topic suggestions from you guys! So hit us up if you need help figuring out something crafty or want to better understand a certain element of the industry. If we don't know, we can probably find out :)

And because it's late and I'm on too much caffeine, here's a fun question for the night.

Of the following choices, if you HAD to pick one - which would you rather?

(A) Never write again
(B) Never read again
(C) Never sing again
(D) Never see again
(E) Never eat chocolate again
(F) Never go shopping again

And why? GO :)

(If I had to pick, I'd pick E. I know that's a shock. But the others are too vital! Singing draws me closer to Jesus these days, and fights of the lies from the enemy. Seeing, well - yeah. I like driving my new car so there's that. Writing and reading????? Can't give that up!! And shopping, well, can I just say SHOES? Holla!!)  :)


  1. Probably (F). I can't give up any of the other things, but I can give up spending money! :)

    My WIP is going well - in fact, I may have some questions for you soon! :) It's nearing completion and I've started some editing. I'm also working on a novella to release on February 23, the day the Battle of the Alamo began. Can you guess what the novella's about? ;)

  2. C--If you heard me sing, you'd understand why I could go without it. I won't make you listen, though. You're welcome.
    F is close behind...and if you mean shopping b/c I want to buy clothes (versus 'need clothes now to cover thyself'), then it probably just moved up to first place. 'Nuff said.

    I do have some questions. But I need to figure out how to make sense of them (ha!), so I'll be back with that soon. :)

  3. Okay...I think I've made sense of this....see if you understand it:

    If a paragraph reflects the past, do all of the sentences that follow need to be constructed in past tense? Someone told me that only the first sentence needed to be past tense, leaving the rest in present--which I find confusing and frustrating as a reader. I could possibly see it either way if it's a very short section of a paragraph, maybe two, though it's a stretch for me. Even tougher is if the reflection takes about a page...partway into it I can't figure out if this is still a reflection or back in the present and I just missed something. What is the "right" way to handle a reflection of the past?

    And Erynn--I'd love a few posts on writing in first person and handling past/present/passive/active/omg! Actually, I'd like this topic in general for both first and third. I usually get it. But there are some gray areas that frustrate me. I would love simple clarification, Scribble Chick gurus...