Monday, November 12, 2012


Need a breather from your current WIP?? Sometimes taking a break, working on something new or finding a new angle can breathe new life into your story!

Take a look at this picture and get your Sherlock hats on:

Where is she going? Or is she already there? Is she running from something or running to something? Is it a happy trip? Work trip? Sad trip? What did she pack? Will she be meeting someone on this trip or traveling with someone?

The questions are endless... ;)

Now, grab a pen and write a paragraph or two about our mystery traveler! Have fun!


  1. Hmmm...I like that photo. Reminds me of a book I just read - Remembering You. My paragraph is below...

    "She paused in contemplation, considering the events of the last few days. A bitter ache caught her throat, and she blinked, attempting to hold back the tears. Why the pain - the heartache? Would she ever understand it?

    The whistle of the train caught her attention, and, heart-sore and weary, she lifted her bag and gathered her ticket...."

    Will that do? :)

  2. Thanks! This is a great way to get the cretive juices flowing...going to get started.

  3. I have a picture I'd love to build a story around but haven't been able to get it right yet. Maybe I should give it another go with your tips!

  4. Love it, Alicia! :)

    Tonya, that'd be great!! Follow that inspiration urge :)

  5. Alicia, that is perfect!!! Great job!! :)

    Angela and Tonya, go for it!!


  6. I'm working on it, I think I need to stick with the questions longer and dig deeper. Like is something doesnt come right away I normally toss it.

    Erynn and Betsy, I bet if showed you guys the picture you could come up with something great. It's crying out for a story! I can see romance in it, Betsy