Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is it Worth the Cost?

Guys. (Or should I say chicks?)

I am on a six month sugar fast. 2 weeks down, 24 to go. It’s actually turned out to be fun.


There have been cravings. I have made one birthday cake for my boy, one shower cake for my friend, and one set of cupcakes for a good cause… and not even licked my fingers. That’s right…

I’m insane.

Insanely focused.

I’m taking these extreme measures because I want to be healthy and have energy for my career and my family. Not everyone responds to sugar in the dangerous way my body does, so not everyone has to be so extreme. But my point is…

There are things in life we don’t always want to do—but we do them because the end result is worth the sacrifice.

Sometimes people tell me they couldn’t be writers because they can’t do the sacrifice—they aren’t good at radio interviews, or don’t like to have their work edited, or they can’t stand rejection…

Wanna know the truth? There aren’t many of us who love our first few radio interviews. Not many of us are excited about getting our edits back. And I don’t know anyone who does a happy dance at the sight of one more rejection letter…

So I have to ask—are these things worth pushing through for the end result? Do you have an amazing story God wants to tell through you?

Count the cost. Not everyone thinks it’s worth it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But after some soul-searching, if the answer is yes… if you know there’s a story inside of you that’s going crazy to get out… you know you’re ready.

And nothing will stop you.

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