Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

We hear it said often that we should make the most of every opportunity. Then as Christians we're taught to wait on God's timing. What does that mean? Especially when it comes to our writing careers?

For me, I think it means a balance of both.

Waiting on God's timing doesn't mean sitting still and doing nothing. We still have to act. Sure, God is CAPABLE of getting us published without our ever sending a submission out but really - I don't think that's going to happen :) 

He WANTS us to move forward in faith. To do our best job, turn it over in His hands, and hit send. That's when we wait on His timing - when we've done our part, to the best our of ability, and to the glory of our Lord. And trust in His will for the outcome. And His timing.

Ministry to me is a partnership with God. It's being a vessel to be used of the kingdom. That means we have to try.

And remember - just as hesitating isn't productive - rushing God isn't productive either. Don't slap something together and send it off because you're eager to see your name in print. Don't slap something together and send it off because you need a paycheck or because you're giving it one last shot before giving up. Sure, God can use even a half-hearted attempt but how many more blessings will abound for everyone if we gave it our full heart?? What if your half-hearted book did get published, because it was God's will for that story, but you end up only reaching half the readers you would have if you had given it your all?


Don't cheat God. Don't cheat yourself. Do your best work, putting aside the fears and doubts and the whispers that Satan loves to utter, and focus on God's will. God's timing. Be sensitive to His Spirit leading you. Maybe you have a story all ready to submit, but you feel an urging to wait. In that case, WAIT! But don't wait because of fear of rejection or fear of failure. Big difference there, guys.

What is your struggle? Do you find yourself rushing God or lagging behind?


  1. Love this! It's so good & so true :)
    I've been thinking feeling like I was trying to rush/force something with writing. Last week, I decided to give in & stop forcing. It's been hard but I feel like its the right thing,

    I'm also trying to rush into a new idea. Or well, I WANT to rush into having a new idea. Lol! I just wish a brilliant idea would show up. Then I get annoyed it does, I guess that rushing too?

    You could massage this post into q devo for something else, I think!

  2. Good for you Tonya! :)

    Yes ma'am. Follow that instinct. If you have a peace about that decision to not force it, then that's right for you right now.

    People often ask me how we can tell the difference between God's voice and our own confusion or our own agenda.

    My answer is always two fold.

    1. What does the Bible say about that situation

    2. Is one of your choices that you have to make steeped in guilt, fear, shame, or confusion? If so it's not from God. Does one of the choices bring peace and confidence even if it's still a little scray in theory and involves taking a step of faith? That's from God. Remember, God isn't the author of confusion but Satan. And God doesn't prompt His children by fear or shame or guilt - but rather by gentle urgings and conviction and peace.

  3. This is definitely true for me! Although, when it comes down to it, I'm more of a lagging behind kind of girl. :) I do a great job of rushing forward in my head - imagining all of the wonderful things that could happen, and then when it comes to actually taking that first step....well, sometimes I freeze. :) Stepping out in faith is not easy, and we second guess ourselves so much that it becomes even more difficult.
    Question: With the first book that you submitted/put forward I'm sure that you doubted your ability. Do you look back on that first attempt now and feel embarrassed at what you were trying to sell? How do you know that your writing is good enough?
    How do you separate thinking your writing is boring (because you've read over that particular scene a thousand times already) and realising that, hey, the first 40 pages really are yawn worthy?

    PS. Could the scribble chicks do a question and answer week/day? I have so many question that I could ask!

  4. Thanks! Those are awesome questions betsy! They are right on though. I was being run by fear of missing out & trying to rush ahead when Im pretty God is saying "you aren't ready yet." it's been hard to let to of but it's also freeing!
    And ive been praying for the right doors opened and to know the right time :) He really like to make me wait. I always feel behind even though I have a million ideas of how I want things to be so I try to push forward, probably to my deteiement.

  5. I think the Scribble Chicks would be more than happy to answer any questions you have, Gracie. In fact, I'm just about to tackle one of yours in today's post, so stay tuned!

  6. So glad to help Tonya!!! :) Listen to that still small voice. His timing is truly perfect. I've experienced that time and again.

    Gracie, please ask us anything, anytime. You can comment here or if you'd like a question to be addressed anonymously, email me at or one of the other girls. :) We're happy to help and love getting specific questions. Helps us think of something to post about here ;)