Monday, May 14, 2012

When the Moon Hits Your Eyes

I'm sure we have all been there. Sitting there in a great chair, feet up, coffee drink next to us, blanket on top of us, book in hand when SUDDENLY...

Sappiness occurs.

Not in the coffee, of course. Coffee is rarely too sweet for me. But rather on the page.

Have you ever noticed this? I have read scenes so soggy I worried I was going to need a drop cloth for my lap while holding the book.

And yet, I find myself writing the exact same scenes.

So, how can we convey romance or emotion without becoming so sticky our readers feel the need for napkins??

1. Stay true to your character's personalities. Are they quiet? Don't suddenly turn them into a smooth talking Romeo. Are they funny? Don't have them burst into tears and quote love sonnets while telling the girl/guy their feelings. Are they serious, moody and proud? For goodness sakes, give them a cup of tea and introduce them to Miss Bennet already. ;)

2. Watch the Squish Factor. Example: "I couldn't help but fall in love with you the moment I saw the moonlight glinting across the artificial color of your hair." Be careful what kind of wording you use. If you stay true to the character, this should be an easier one. Try to imagine what you would say in a similar circumstance.

3. Take notes from real life. One of the most "romantic" girls I know was proposed to on her front doorstep after taking out the trash. Life is not always fairy tales and while having a incredible proposal/share the feelings scene is not at all a bad thing (not at all!), it's also important to remember that we want our writing to reflect what we see around us. Ask your friends, family, parents, etc how they met and married their spouse. You'll get some great ideas just from that!


  1. Haha. When I saw the title of your post I thought, "Ooh, what's this?" Then I read the first line and the word "GUILTY" flahsed before my eyes. Not being naturally romantic, I tend to want to let go and mix in a little sap (or a lot) when I write. Unfortunately, I often find myself reading back over something and thinking, "Eww... As if THAT would actually happen! BACKSPAAAAAACE!" This was a very helpful post. I can already see how those tips can keep things "realistic" even in the world of ficion. Loved it. :)

  2. Ha!! :) Thanks so much, Ashley!! I am SO guilty of this...

  3. This is a helpful post, exactly what I needed right now!