Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hands Raised High

I had a meet-Jesus moment on my kitchen floor this morning, hands-raised to heaven, voicing praises with my eight-month-old. (Yes, she loves to “sing”…)

He met us there. Unexpectedly. In the words, You give and take away, You give and take away, and blessed be Your Name…

It’s been a “give” season, not a “take away” season. I know the barrenness of empty places, but I’m currently rejoicing in this abundance.

Last Sunday I met with five teens in our small group. We talked about Abraham, and how God asked this man to lay everything on the altar even when it didn’t make sense.

We talked about one of my favorite quotes (I’m not sure who said it): “What did Daniel’s friends lose in the fire? ---- Only the chains that bound them.”

And in my heart, I knew this receiving wouldn’t last forever. It’s not God’s intent for us to always be comfortable, but it won’t stop me from thanking Him whatever He sends… because He is in it.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. My career could crash, I could lose anything that provides this false sense of security…

But in the end, I am secure in Him alone. And for that reason, in all seasons, I will raise my hands to heaven and sing, Blessed be Your Name…

Why is your heart singing today?


Note: Sorry I forgot to post yesterday… post-dating now. :)


  1. I was a guest speaker for Women's Day recently and the topcic I chose was, planting seeds of joy. I learned a lot as I prepared for this engagement and I can say that I truly have joy.

  2. That's awesome, Angela. Thanks for sharing.