Friday, May 4, 2012

The Week Where Nothing Goes As Planned...

First off, I want to apologize for not writing on my regularly scheduled day. Let's just say for a week that I planned to only work on (gasp!) my novel, it's been anything but productive on that front.

See, when I went to do my regularly scheduled workout, someone got the bright idea to smash the window of my beloved Sylvia (yes, I even name my cars, I'm a total dork) and snatch my purse that was crammed under the seat (of course, it was my favorite purse with my favorite sunglasses inside, not to mention all those vital things like my debit card, credit cards, drivers license, and yes, even my Starbucks gold card), not to mention my iPhone.

I still haven't gotten over that last one by the way, it's a like a phantom limb, and I keep reaching for it, even though it's not there.

So naturally, I've spent most of the week on my hubby's phone, calling nice customer service types and listening to a whole lot of soft rock and elevator music.

All that to say, it could've been so much worse. I wasn't held at gunpoint. It didn't happen at my home, and really, at the end of the day, the window is fixable, the gas they bought with my credit cards is making its way back to me, and all that's left is a bunch of stuff to replace.

But it did muck with my writing ambitions for the week, so perhaps, I'm still a little sore about that. So now that I've told you my sad little story, I can't help thinking about the application to writing itself. Sometimes our stories don't go exactly as planned, and that's actually a good thing.

While I always write a loose outline to help steer the ship (and sell the book, since it's part of the proposal), it's great knowing that sometimes your characters will take you places you never expected. And it's these unexpected journeys that make writing (and life) so much fun. Well, as long as your purse doesn't get stolen, mind you.

:) Have a great weekend all!


  1. Yuck. :( I'm so very sorry Christa!! :( I hope everything gets sorted out very quickly!