Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Your Turn!

So here I am with this amazing video post, the first one in which I have ever managed to thin myself out into looking 10 pounds lighter, when whoah, the Internet calls my bluff and won't post it.

So instead of my incredibly thin video, let's do an open forum.

What questions do you have for our three novelists?

What about for our poor token creative non-fiction writer? {She's really thin. She deserves questions.}

What about for Santa Claus? 'Cause he's probably not bringing me anything after reading this post.

Love you ladies. Leave us some comments.

Hi. I'm the Tiny Human. Please forgive my mom's post. She's high on migraine medicine right now. Tomorrow she'll probably realize she put me in bed without a diaper on... but at the moment she's just flying high.


  1. LOL! Bekah. You poor, sleep deprived mama. I prescribe one extra large mocha and a handful of spicy jalepeno cheetos. (oh they're good. trust me.)

    And you're thin regardless of what the camera thinks ;) You're doing great mama! Tiny humans take a lot out of us (and leave a lot behind) But you'll get there.

  2. LOL! That sounds amazing, Betsy! Can I have sprinkles with that???