Monday, October 24, 2011

Promotions and stuff

So, we talk a lot about how it's important for a writer to self-promote, but I'm not sure if we've ever really gone into detail about what that looks like - particularly for a writer still looking to get published.

First things first, you need to go buy your website domain name - right away!! It should preferably be your name dot com (mine is Once you have that, then you can get your site up and running.

I design and manage my site myself using my Mac's iWeb program, but there are LOTS of other great programs out there and also great people out there who make their livings doing these kinds of things.

Next, if you don't already have one, start a blog and get on Facebook and Twitter and promote it. Even if you just get your mom and your best friend to read it at first, at least you've got readers!

Publishers LOVE to see writers who are taking a proactive approach to publicizing themselves even before they are published. So what kinds of things have you done to start the ever-going process? And do you have any questions about how to get started?


  1. Great post, Erynn! Other ways I started to self-promote a few years ago was to write a column for the local paper, and find similar websites where I could guest-blog.

  2. I think one key factor too is consistancy. You can't just make a blog and a fb and twitter account and only post every 3 weeks. You won't get or more importantly KEEP readers that way. Then one day when you get a book contract and really have something to promote, you're looking around saying "Hey uh where did everyone go?" Well, they went to the blog where the author posted 5-7 days a week ;)