Wednesday, October 26, 2011

As long as we got each other....

"As long as we got eaaaach ottttther..."

So I've been singing the theme song for the old show GROWING PAINS since last Saturday night, after Hubby and I attended a marriage conference taught by Kirk Cameron (Mike Seiver from Growing Pains and star in Fireproof) It was an amazing conference and full of fantastic information. One of those nights where it didn't matter who the speaker was, God was there and teaching through him and Kirk was just a vessel.

Though the vessel did at one point put on a curly wig and start quoting lines from past seasons of Growing Pains ;)

That brings me to our topic today - Do we have each other? Is the Growing Pains theme song true in our lives? Do we have each other's backs in the writing industry, or are we in competition? Are we supportive of our friend's success or are we jealous?

Just like in marriage, unity is key to success. Writers might be solitary when they actually write (despite occasional coffee/writing dates at Barnes & Noble!) but the business will eat us up if we don't have friends who understand, can relate, can cheer us on, etc. Friends who can lift us up when we get those rejections or those sets of revisions where you think the editor probably needed TWO red pens because the first one ran out of ink...Friends who will send flowers for first contracts or notes of encouragement when our creative well feels empty.

Who is that person in your life? If you can't think of anyone, start praying today for God to bring you a special friend, someone who will be your support during this journey we go through as writers for the Kingdom. He has answered that prayer for me in years past and will for you! :)

In the meantime, enjoy that song playing on repeat in your head like it's been doing in mine for almost a week.


  1. Great post! I dont have a specific friend but I do know I am very encouraged and inspired by blogs like this one :)

  2. I agree with Tonya! The Scribble Chicks do an amazing job of encouraging others. :) Even though I'm not technically a writer (I'm a songwriter), and I don't deal with certain industry things like edits or rejection letters (although both concepts are part of my industry too), I love the focus and message the Chicks put out in every post. So uplifting! (i wish the music industry could operate in a similar Christlike manner =\ )Whenever I read encouragement-focused posts like this one, I can't help but think God is looking from heaven with a huge smile. :) Keep it up! You're making more of a difference than you know!

  3. Becky, you're a songwriting!!! That's so awesome, something I've always thought would be cool to do. I just don't know how to write songs