Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to cover it...

Do you ever get so overwhelmed that the very word just doesn't seem fitting? I think Webster should have written a second dictionary, maybe called The Extreme Dictionary, for use of words in special occasions when others are just waaaaay too understated.

I'm there this week. And was there last week too, actually.

Coming home from the ACFW Conference always brings struggles and trials, it's the whole "mountaintop experience come back down to reality in the valley" type of thing. Sort of what happened after youth camp. You're waaay up here, clear communication to God, eyes wide open, breathing fresh air of purpose and life and inspiration...

And then you're suddenly just trying to pick your feet up out of the muddy swamps of the valley, with mosquitos buzzing your head as you yell "HELLO" repeatedly into a telephone that has apparently lost its connection to Heaven.

This year, post-conference has brought spirtual warfare like never before, in so many areas, and I'm tired. SO tired. But you know what? At the same time, I KNOW what God told me at the conference, and I'm very excited about what He is doing and going to do in my writing ministry. Because this type of war doesn't wage without some pretty high stakes.

And that alone is worth keeping my chin up and plodding (and plotting! ha) forward...

Have you been there? Are you there now? If you're not, and you're an active Christian with a calling to further God's kingdom, chances are you will be if you haven't already. Or will be again. How do you handle the ups and downs of the writing ministry? Or life in general?

For me, it's about prayer. Bible reading. Staying close to my power source. And it's also about making myself move foward. Because if I stop moving, the devil wins. And that's not acceptable.

If you need help sucking your feet out of the mud today, I'm with ya. Let's pull each other out. Prayers going up :) Please feel free to share where you are today in the comments, and I'm happy to pray for you as a fellow sunken sister.


  1. I'm feeling very overwhelmed! Life has been a rollercoaster the past couple of months and the next few months aren't going to be any different. Everything is changing but there are a number of big unaswerwd questions - which is scary. I cant really list the situations here but it s a lot to go through.
    God is teaching me about being flexible and letting go of MY wants. Which is not easy. sometimes I think all I want is to feel secure & happy when I realize then only security we have is in Christ. Yet it's easier to say than fully feel when everything is swirling around

  2. Praying, Tonya! I'm sorry to hear that. Thankfully we know God always hears us and meet us where we are :) Even when we feel lost...

    I can relate to the security issues. I think most people have that in some form over some area in their life. You are not alone, girl.

    I hope you get some peace ASAP!

  3. Oh girl I hear you... I think that, even when you're doing something you love, if you never stop at some point you're going to overload. So go easy on yourself, and try to rest your mind! Do what de-stresses you throughout the day, and don't feel the tiny bit guilty about it! Been trying that lately and it's been working wonders. Then when I'm doing something I have to I'm SO much more productive. Praying for you as always!

  4. Thanks Betsy! Praying for you too.
    I find I recite Bible verses, quotes, & praise songs a lot when I get overwhelmed.
    God is in control.