Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Of Toddlers and Gang Signs...

So BJ and Ethan, just remember during the next several months of "Baby Blur" (you know, the indefinable period of time when you're recovering from labor, trying to build hormones back up in your body to become a human again instead of a insatiable crying machine, and wondering what it was like to sleep at night) that you have THIS to look forward to in a few short years...

Haha. My little Gansta miss. She was in the backseat and I was texting and she said "MAMA! Take a picture of this!" And struck the pose. What exactly are they teaching her at preschool????? hehe. ;)

I was so excited to hear BJ had her baby. It's always so fun, especially when you've BEEN a first time parent and know the expecting couple are first time parents. You totally remember the joy, the nerves, the excitement, the naivity (in a good way. trust me, it goes away). It's one of the best times in life. And each stage along the way that your baby grows up, you think that next stage is the best. The snuggly bug, feeding every 3 hours stage was great. Then the sleepping through the night stage was magnificant. Then the starting baby food stage was fun. Then the crawling stage, and the walking stage, and then the blissful stage where they first start actually telling you what they want and you can stop guessing! (angels singing here)

We sort of do that same thing with our writing, don't we? We start a project, and think "this is awesome. I'm on a roll now." We finish a project, and start the second one as we submit the first, and think "Wow, I'm cookin'! This is so fun." Then we get an agent and think we've arrived and can't believe how "young" we used to be in our writing. Then we get our first traditional sale and are over the moon with joy. Then we get that first email from a reader who confesses how the book touched them, and we think it just can't get any better than this. And so on.

Every stage is a treasure, both in raising babies and writing books! (and neither provide much sleep come to think of it.)

What stage are you in right now? Is your book-baby newborn? Or is it toddling along, finding its way? Or has your book-baby already graduated and flown the coop into a bookstore somewhere?

Share with us!


  1. I think I'm pregnant with a book (TTN :), and have another book toddler (CR) that's giving me a whole lot of work. Much like my real life LOL.

  2. I'm in the preschool stages. Still learning so much every day, but gaining a bit of independence.

    Fun post. Your daughter's adorable and new babies are the best. Until they reach toddlerhood and elementary school and preteen life and teen years...holy how, how did I become the mom of a senior so soon?

    Parenthood is precious. Enjoy every second of it.