Monday, July 11, 2011

Questions and Answers :)

A couple of weeks ago, a loyal reader asked me a few questions, so I thought I'd address those now! :) I'd mentioned that I had written two suspense novels prior to Miss Match that were never published.

Did you try submitting your first two novels at all?

I tried submitting one of them. I proposed that one to a few publishers at a writer's conference, had a couple of VERY sweet editors and multi-published writers sit down with me and show me exactly what I could do to make my book even better. I so appreciated the time and attention they gave me! I went home to rewrite and then came up with the idea for Miss Match. At first, MM was just a fun way to spend my time when I wasn't working or rewriting my "real" novel. Then MM took over and I found I had a lot more fun writing that one.

Did you have a feeling with Miss Match it'd be published?

Nope! I knew I really enjoyed writing it! Compared to the suspense novels that I had been writing, Miss Match was super relaxing and fun. I had an agent for a very short time before she decided to pursue other things and before she quit, she handed Miss Match to an editor at NavPress. A whole year went by and I didn't hear anything. So, I just assumed that nothing was going to come of it.

Then, I got a random email from an acquisitions editor who said the editor who had been given my book had left and they'd found my manuscript and thought it was very good and wondered if it was still available.

All goes to show that sometimes God uses very unique circumstances! You never know what His will for your life and your writing will be - so keep at it. Keep talking to people, keep proposing your work. :)

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