Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Genres, genres, genres

The more I typed the title of this post, the weirder the word looked. Genres. Almost like "grenade' at first glance. I guess some of them can be a little explosive at times!

I digress. Sorry! lol

Okay, so Monday Erynn talked about writing Romance, and how it can be challenging...what genres do you find challenging?

Are they a good kind of challenging, as in "I want to learn how to do this right because I really love this genre so much!" or a bad kind of challenging, as in "I feel like I"m supposed to be writing this genre becaues that's where the market is hot, but man I can't do it well and it sucks!!"

If it's the former, grab some Starbucks and keep trying! :)


Seriously, we've talked a hundred times here on Scribble Chicks about NOT writing for the market, but this is especially true if you don't know what you're doing and even worse, you don't even enjoy it.

If you're busting your booty trying to write a thriller when you hate even the pretense of being scared, or are trying to compose a beautiful historical when you know absolutely zilch about the time period, or are trying to write a YA when you're eighty-nine years old and have zero access to teenagers anymore... PLEASE, stop wasting your time.


1. Write what you know!

2. Write what you love!

3. Write what you like to read!

It's really that simple.

Any questions? :)


  1. "If you're busting your booty trying to right a thriller when you hate even the pretense of being scared,..."

    Betsy... I'm sorry, but does Blogger have spell check?

  2. HAHA no it doesn't, and thanks for catching my typo. I type faster than I think. ;)

    "trying to WRITE a thriller". I'm gonna go back and edit this post now. hehehe

  3. You make me laugh. Great post, Betsy!