Wednesday, June 29, 2011

True Confessions

So these days, Little Miss is in a talkative stage. And by talkative, I mean non-stop. As if, I think now her vocabulary (and lung power) is greater than mine. She's also asking "why" every ten seconds. Not "why is the sky blue" or other random questions (I bet that comes later!) but random "why's". Also "what"?

For example:

"Mama, why did you laugh?"
"It was funny." (referring to a TV show)
"But why?"
"Because that cartoon character just had a pie thrown in his face."
"But why did he do that?"
"Because it was funny."


"Mama, what did he say?" (referring to her cartoon)
"I don't know sweetie, I didn't hear it." (me, trying to write)

It's like she doesn't believe me when I say "I don't know". lol I guess that's a compliment, like maybe I SHOULD know everything ;)

As you can imagine, this stage can get a little trying at times, especially when you're trying to focus on ANYTHING else (like cooking or paying bills or writing or reading laundry or blogging or work)

So the other day, she hit this stage again, asking question after question after question,sometimes asking for a snack, or other random things. I was hurrying, trying to do my makeup so we can leave the house, and she kept calling me into the other room to ask various things that at the time, really didn't matter. She called one more time.

Me, losing my patience. "WHAT?"
"I love you all the time."


Talk about an eye opener. It made me patient for the rest of the day, and also made me rush my makeup so I could go play with her for a minute before we had to leave . It woke me up to my priorities for that day, and though I know better, I need reminders like anyone else.

I think this relates to our relationship with God. Sometimes, we're that kid, babbling on about things that ultimately don't matter, asking for "snacks" (material blessings) and favors when what we should be doing is what Little Miss eventually did - expressing our love and gratitude.

The difference is, God doesn't snap back at us. He doesn't lose patience or get weary, like us, in our human flesh, often do with our children. (even when we don't mean to or want to) He's the ultimate patient Father, waiting for us to finally tell Him what's on our hearts.

What's on your heart today? What do you need to tell your Father? Have you said "I love you" lately? Or have you been too busy asking for book contracts or agent contracts or a contest win or...?

It's good to be honest with God. He knows us anyway. So it's good to ask for things we desire or need. But not at the expense of keeping silent on the things that matter most. Ultimately, we are to seek the Giver, not the Gift. Just like Little Miss comes to me for her needs and wants, she also comes to me with unconditonal love that only a child can show. And that's what blesses me the most. That's what blesses God the most.

Let's show that love to our Father today. And I bet the blessings will flow.

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  1. Great post (and reminder), Betsy! :) I love Little Miss stories...she's sooo cute.