Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If writing didn't exist...

EEK! I know, right? Scary topic. But I'm just branching out here and getting creative. Let's put down our author hats or kick off our author shoes (and flex our author-itis fingers!) and dream outside of the box.

If writing didn't exist (stop shuddering, this is just pretend! Though yeah, it was sort of hard to even write that line, because...yikes!) what would you do? What hobby would you pursue? What dream would you embrace?

I'm not asking to sway you from writing (God forbid!) I'm just curious as to the other parts of your personality. Would you garden? Knit? Cook? Get into photography or bird watching or babysitting or ministry at church?

I think for me, I'd pursue scrapbooking. I love scrapbooking and used to do it in high school before I realized how time consuming it was. I couldn't do that and write and go to school and work - nor could I do it later when I worked and had a husband and a home and later a baby...we have to pick and choose, and for me, it was easy. Hands down. Writing won! It's my calling, my ministry, my desire, my passion.

Lucky for me. My scrapbooking talent existed more in my head than on the pages! haha. Artistic I am not...

So come on, confess. What's your secret hobby? Your hidden talent (or hidden enjoyment, even if you're not good at it!) Let's share :)


  1. If writing didn't exist, then I would definitely pursue acting since that's my other passion. But actually, if writing didn't exist then how could people write screenplays? Hmmm. I'd rather not try to imagine what it'd be like if writing didn't exist, lol!

  2. Id love to be able to draw & paint but I can't. And I'd also love to learn ballet!

    If writing is your passion do you ever have periods where you dont want to do? Do you ever think of stopping? From the above post, I'm guessing not. Sometimes I get down & wonder "do I really want to pursue this so hard?" like the past few days I've been wondering if this is really the direction I should be going

  3. My not-so-secret hobby is cooking. I love trying out new recipes and sampling new flavors. It's pretty much the only creative thing that I do that doesn't involve pen and paper or a computer keyboard.

  4. Suri, it's easy to get burned out on anything, writing or not. I don't think that means its not a true passion. I think it just means that we get stressed and sometimes try to reach pefection instead of praying and giving our thought and worries and passions to God to se through us. (and that applies to writing, parenting, relationships, anything!) We just need to, during those times of burn out, step back and reconnect with the Lord and let Him renew us.