Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer writing

Is it just me or does everyone have trouble staying inside and typing away on a dimly lit computer when the weather is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside?

I have the hardest time working in the summer. I've tried taking my laptop outside, but then I just get distracted with the sun and the fun outdoor things I'd rather be doing ("Let's go to the zoo!!!"). So, I've started setting aside time for writing (i.e. nap times), and when Nathan gets up, we head outside for some Vitamin D.

It's kind of like bribery for myself.

What are your summer writing plans? Anything you hope to accomplish before fall?


  1. We pretty much do the same thing here! We play outside late morning before it gets too hot, then I write during her nap and we sometimes will go back out right before or after dinner when its cooler again. Unfortunately, this won't work much longer. Summer in Louisiana is HUMID and MISERABLE during the majority of the day.

  2. I have two novels to write. Well, chapter books, so that's much more doable. But before I start those, I have to finish whipping my YA into shape so I can send it off to my agent.

    Lucky me, I have a beautiful outdoor office. It's where I do my best editing.

    Good luck on your schedule. Sometimes they are hard to make stick when you have little ones with other ideas!