Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conference excitement!

So who is going to the 2011 ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference in September in St. Louis?

Registration is NOW open at the ACFW website ( and is the cheapest now that it will be. Prices will go up later and way up at the door. Remember, the sooner you register, the best chance you will have at getting the appointments you want with your agent/editor of choice. The appointments are made on a first come first serve basis.

Trust me, if you're debating on coming this year, please DO IT. Bite the bullet, whip our your wallet, call your dad, start a fundraiser, whatever it takes ;)

I can guarantee you that you will come away from this conference refreshed and renewed and inspired (and probably jet lagged and tired and on info-overload but seriously, in a GOOD way!)

Who here on Scribble Chicks attend conferences regularly that can back me up? I just can't express to you how invaluable this experience is, whether it's your very first conference ever or your 10th. The worship time, the fellowship with other writers who are weird just like you (wink), the depth of knowledge you receive at workshops and late night chat sessions, the networking with editors and agents, the new friends you make, the yummy hotel food and super comfy beds, the chance to pitch your current WIP story to a real live agent or editor in person!! (scary, yes, but SO HELPFUL - trust me, putting faces with names gets you out of the slush pile...!!)

I'm so excited about September, and this is my 6th writer's conference, 5th for ACFW. (I once attended a ClassServices conference in Texas YEARS ago that helped connect me with the ACFW) I wouldn't have missed any of the ACFW conferences if I'd had the choice.

So....Who's with me?????? :)


  1. I am I am! :D Can't Wait!!! Thanks for convincing me!

  2. Hopefully the funds will work out! :) YAY!! I haven't been able to go to a conference this year since Nathan was born, but I LOVE writing conferences. You are right - you come away completely inspired. And it's fun to meet people and see old friends!

  3. I wish I could but know it's not possible this year.
    You mentioned going to a conference in TX, are there many good conferences in the southwest? Specifically tx or la?

  4. Erynn, we so have to meet in person!!! lol I forget we never have. You must come!! I will pray $ falls in your back yard ;)

  5. Tonya, most conferences I know bounce around in location so its hard to say "This conference is great and is always in this spot" other than, say, Mt. Hermon Christian Conference which is obviously always at Mt. Hermon ;) But just google "Christian writing conferences 2011" and see waht you can find!!