Monday, May 2, 2011

The Day The Music Died

Thanks to Veggie Tales, Pandora Toddler Radio Channel, and my uncle butchering the words to the song "Firework" all this last week, I think I would be a very happy camper if music just died.

All of it.

Think about it. I'd never have to sing "Barbara Manatee" during a messy diaper change again, never have to croon "The Wheels on the Bus" over a screaming baby in the car, never have to have the same country song (compliments of my husband) stuck in my head ALL. THE. LIVE. LONG. DAY. ever again.

It would be magical.

And quiet. And maybe, just maybe, I could get some writing done. I could sit down in the silence of nap time and just let the words flow through my fingers without worrying that I'd look down at the screen and see the chorus to "Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush?" written in the dialogue.

B.N. (Before Nathan), I could write all day long. I would wake up, put on some clothes, eat breakfast, start writing, write, write, write, get a sandwich, write, write, write, then have time to work out and take a shower before my husband got home. I'd clear 3000 words in a day and still have had time to do the laundry, make a lasagna and repaint my whole house.

Now, my husband gets home and asks me how my writing went and how much I got done and my answer is usually this: "25 words."


Sometimes, not everything is going to go EXACTLY as it should to lead to the best writing environment out there. Sometimes, you might have to write over the chorus of French Peas singing in your head, might have to shut your eyes to the disaster that is your house and just start pumping out words.

And might I suggest turning on a contemporary station on Pandora Radio?


  1. I seem to have that problem too. When you had more time to write did you ever have trouble getting started?
    That's my biggest problem right now. I'll have a few days where I do well & then bam one day I don't know how to start a scene and it all snowballs! I think I'll just do something else for a little bit, then come back to it but when I come back to it I'll still be stuck and so on

  2. Ahhh, mommyhood. Rest assured, dear mommy, it DOES get easier. Eventually. One day, they will learn how to play by themselves a little and not need your eyes on them literally every single second to keep them safe. It's a miraculous revolution, that day! I type this right now on my laptop in my office as Little Miss plays her computer games on our desktop computer beside me! ha! Who'd have thought?

    And hey 25 words is nothing to sneeze out. Because 25 eventually becomes 50 and then 1,000 and then a chapter.

  3. sneeze at* I meant. oops.

    Tonya, getting stuck at the beginning of a scene or new chapter is pretty common, don't worry! Maybe you should make it a goal to never walk away from your computer and be "done" for the day until you are in the middle of a scene. Then it will be so much easier to start the next day where you left off. Just a thought!

  4. How many different genres did you try to write in before you found the one for you?

  5. Suri for me, I played with WIPs of romance, YA and romantic suspense. Romance is always a strong thread for my stories regardless of official genre. :) I'm not published or about to be published in both romance and YA, and have given up on romantic suspense for now. It's not my strong suit.