Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Ways Gratitude Can Improve Your Writing...

Well, Ladies, with Turkey Day just one day away, I started to think about three ways gratitude can improve your writing:

1) Be grateful for the time you have to write. It may not be an hour each day, but use the twenty minutes you have before the kids get home from school, or after they go to bed. Make what you have count... your willingness to acknowledge God's gift of writing in your life (even in small increments) may just push your writing over the edge to greatness.

2) Sincerely thank someone who has helped your writing life. It may be a blogger, a mentor, an agent, or a publisher -- even someone who spent five minutes with you at a conference. Remember their words of encouragement, and dare to write them a thank-you note today. It's wonderful writing practice, and who knows? That publisher might just remember you because of that thank-you note [even though that's NOT why you're writing it :].

3) Thank your spouse for putting up with your crazy obsession with the written word. You might just be surprised at how much he or she will be willing to put up with in the future -- if you simply acknowledge their sacrifice they make today.

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