Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Running after Your Dream

My words to Ethan this morning: "I can't handle your nose anymore!" Apparently after an entire night of listening to allergy induced "sniff... sniff... sniff...", I turned heel and ran for the couch.

I vaguely remember any of this.

To say that I was facing the day well-rested would not be factual (I was also facing the day very embarrassed for my lack of sympathy toward my husband).

I know that many of you reading this haven't felt well-rested for years. You face each day overwhelmed with responsibilities... exhausted, and hopefully caffeinated enough to make it through.

The last thing you have energy for is writing.

But there's a reason you read this blog. You're living vicariously through other writers. You dream of making the time to write for yourself... but instead you only have the energy to read about what you want to do.

This blog post is for you. Today is your choice. You can say "I can't handle your nose anymore!" err... "I can't handle this dream anymore!" Or you can turn heel and run toward your dreams straight on.

They're waiting for you... so whaddya say?


  1. Oooh, I needed this today. I've been on a blog hiatus for two months and have found less creative energy because of it. I'm ready for a rebalance!

  2. I am having a writing contest on my blog "Creative Ave." Anyone can enter, especially future writers :)