Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicks to the rescue...

Anyone have any more writing-related questions today? Us Chicks are here to help!

Sometimes it's hard to think of topics we haven't already exhausted. We don't want to bore you guys! We'd love feedback. What type of topics/posts do you most enjoy reading? Which ones do you tend to skip or not read/enjoy? Would you guys be interested in reading author interviews on this blog? Any particular authors you'd like to read about specifically? We have pretty good connections through various groups and could easily get some Christian fiction authors represented here if you're interested. Just let us know yes/no, who/what! =)

Do you have any questions on editing, the agent/author relationship, the editor/author relationship, critique partners, writer's groups, the benefits of writer's conferences, blogging vs. websites, writer's block, etc. etc. etc.

We're happy to help! Just pipe up and let us know what you need! =)

Chicks to the rescue!


  1. I am an 18 year old senior who is going to bible school next year becasue I feel God is calling me there, but I still really enjoy writing. I ca write novels and freelance stuff... any suggestions what to do for the rest of the year? ( I am not published, but dream of being)

  2. I have an idea of something you guys could post about- each of you could post a piece from when you first started writing seriously and talk about what you have learned and how you have improved since then. Kindof like giving us and idea of what's possible!

    Also, do you have any advice on how deciding which direction to take a story? Recently I've started to see what in working on going in a different direction. I.e. Think changing the entire plot. I'm having a hard time letting go of what I thought it should be. Do you ever struggle with letting go of your own thoughts and letting the story write itself? Have you ever gone back to a plot you gave up?

  3. I love the idea of you interviewing other authors and getting their writing advice!
    Maybe you could have readers even guest post or post pieces they've written & you guys could talk about how to improve?
    The biggest problem I'm having is choosing which direction to go in when I have so so many ideas for one plot?! If you have any advice for that I'd love to hear, sometimes I wonder if the answer is not that there is one plot with different characters& directions but actually different plots altogether! I get a little frustrated I don't have the time to write them all now & can't decide which to focus on. How do you guys decide which idea to run with?

  4. I know contracts and deadlines seem to come up on here a lot, but I'm still kinda confused about the whole topics of contracts. Does a contract mean you're forced (depending on what you signed on for) to write a book every year or two years? Can you ever just decide that you want to write something and write it, or do you have to do a book proposal first?

  5. Ah! I just found this blog from yours, Betsy. Love it!

  6. I am an 18-year-old college freshman and I want to be a writer. I've had articles published online and I write for my church newsletter. Yet, I really desire to see one of my stories published. I plan on attending a writer's conference either this summer or the next. Herein lies my question: I currently have about 10 manuscripts (I was homeschooled and had a lot of time before college, can't you tell? :) Some consist of less than 10 pages and some have more than 50. That's not to say these aren't unfinished stories. They do need a bit of expanding and I'm working on that (as well as continually coming up with new stories!). I'm thinking about taking a proposal to the conference. How do I choose which story idea would be best to take? How do I decide which is my "best yet?" I've heard that first time authors are best off with a complete manuscript so go with one of my nearly complete or complete stories right? I also have a series in which the first book consists of a short manuscript, the second is full-length with some expansions planned, the third is half written, and the fourth is but a dream.
    Whew, this is an awfully long comment (I guess I really do love to write!:). Thanks for reading and helping!