Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When Dreams are Delayed... or Dead.

It's been really hard lately.

Dreams that have nothing to do with writing have seemed so far away.

I've been praying for something very specific and dear to me for almost three years now... something that has been so, so elusive...

So lately I've been soaking up this book {again} by Holley Gerth.

And I'm reminded... sometimes dreams don't look like I imagined them. But the Dream Giver is still good. He is still working it all together for good.

So... how can we pray for you today?


  1. Praying for you. Waiting for answers can be the hardest thing ever. When we wait, or at least the times I've waited, I've seen it become a battle for my mind. Satan just wants to plant seeds of doubts and worries.

    I've been dealing with that some. I just got through a MAJOR waiting period but getting through that created some new questions.so there's still some waiting but more confusion and the need for peace that whatever ehappens it will be ok and that God works everything for good. Sometimes I get what think needs to happen and will be heartbroken when it doesn't but I need to believe God knows better. I should have a more solid answer in 2 months.


  2. So sorry for the pain that comes with crushed/distant dreams, but I too am praying for God's dream for you.

    That seems to be very much the place that I have been in for the past fifteen months as I have struggled with my health and energy level. It's frustrating because the life that God has led me into (linguist/Bible translator in the pacific) entails a lot of activity and physical effort, which on many days has been more than I am capable of doing. Several times, I have questioned God, asking what on earth He is doing because it seems so illogical to me. And yet, throughout this journey I have also felt very strongly that this is the path that He has led me to and that I need to, in faith and obedience, keep taking steps forward on that path and trust Him for the strength and energy and direction. What a challenge some days!

    Thanks for the recommendation of the book, I have never read it, but it looks interesting.

  3. I'm sorry for whatever it is you are waiting for. I always try to remember that if all good things begin and end with God, we can believe that dreams come true. Check out this song. :)


  4. Love you, friend. <3 Praying for you always!!

  5. "Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength..."
    But I know oh so well that it's not as simple as it sounds. I pray you can take this time to gain something of Him that you would never gain in any other situation. (((Hugs.)))

  6. God is still good! He know the desires of your heart and your biggest dream, even if you don't yet. Keep hanging on! His love will never fail. <3 praying for you as well.