Friday, June 6, 2014

The Cool Kids...

 Y'all, having people tell me they're reading my book is the weirdest thing ever. For one thing, while I did write it for someone to hopefully publish it and readers to eventually hopefully read it...mostly I wrote it because I had these people's stories in my head and wanted to get them out. So when people tell me they've read it, it feels a little like they peaked into a private part of my brain. It's good, it's fun, I'm glad they're reading it, but I'm just telling it like it is. Haha.

The other reason it's a little weird when people tell me this is that I'm normal. I'm not like all those real  authors (whatever that means) who expect people to love their books and recognize their names. I'm just a person who is so, so excited that her dream of publication finally came true.

I'm not one of the cool ones.

You know what's funny, though, that I've been learning from meeting people at writer's conferences and getting to know them more on facebook?

Apparently even the cool kids don't know they're cool.

Kristin Billerbeck (fabulous chick-lit writer) blogged this week on how she has so many things to keep her humble and wonders what it's like to be famous. Hello? Creator of the Ashley Stockingdale series, you are famous to the chick-lit loves of the world!

Ronie Kendig (awesome action-packed romantic suspense) was so excited on facebook a few weeks ago because her book was featured with Dee Henderson's and some other people. She felt like she was with the "big names." Um...Ronie? You are one of the big names!

So here are my observations/questions, which are all tangled around in my brain at the moment. When does someone become "famous" as an author and do you think they recognize it? Is it good that so many of these incredible (I would say famous) Christian authors are so humble? Does it make you laugh to know that they just think of themselves as normal?

And what do you prefer?? Promote yourself in your brain to best-selling author status. Do you want people to just treat you like a normal person? Do you secretly want to be so famous that you can't walk into a bookstore without people turning their heads and recognizing you?

Just some thoughts from someone who's okay not being super-famous. =) Happy Friday--have an awesome weekend, y'all!


  1. Umm...well, I write under a pen name just in case I publish someday. So what do YOU think? LOL. ;)

  2. I'm okay with whatever amount of publicity the Lord allows. I just want to write the stories He gives me, which means I'm not necessarily in it for the money or the fame. You know? But I have always thought of you as one of the "cool kids". :) Keep up the good work and congrats on realizing your dream!