Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MIA but still good ;)

Hey friends! I'm sorry this blog has faded out a little. I know we've all had major things going on in our lives, but we haven't forgotten you all :)

Congrats to Lauri Tomlinson for being an ACFW Genesis Finalist!  :)  I got that word the other day, and was so excited and proud! We're rootin' for you girl!

Anyone going to conference to see Lauri win? ;)

I actually am not going to be able to go to ACFW this year after all. BOOO. Too much going on right now with finances and with me having just moved last weekend (finally!) and not needing to take time off work. It was a super hard decision! But I think its for the best. Us single mamas have to be wise! Unfortunately. =P

I don't have anything craft wise to post right now but if you guys have any questions you've come across in your WIP's I'd love to help if I can. And hopefully we can all get back in the swing on this fabulous blog. Because all of you guys are fabulous!


  1. Glad to have you back, Betsy! I guess I have one question about conferences, even though I think I already know the answer. Conferences are geared toward novelists, right? So could someone who writes short stories benefit much from a conference?

  2. Yay Lauri! That's fabulous!
    I'm still waiting on God's direction for the conference this year--I know your decision was hard, but good job, Mama! You're doing amazing. :)
    No questions at the moment, but definitely don't let this lovely spot die out. It's my absolutele favorite spot in the blogosphere. <3

  3. Ashley, I think you would still benefit, from the networking, the courses, the craft of writing, the friendships, etc. It would be good for your heart to connect with other writers and good for your resume to have attended and put forth that effort. Those things matter on your bio when you submit to editors and agents. You can still also meet with editors and agents and get their feedback on your work and direction. I think its' absolutely still worth it :)