Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hey guys!

I think we need some new questions and concerns to address. The blog has been kinda quiet for almost a week, so maybe we're all running out of topics? That or everyone else is just as swamped and stressed as I am ;)

So what say you? Anything we can cover to help you guys out? Otherwise we will brainstorm here soon and come up with some new material for you guys.

What would ya'll like to see?


  1. Oh weird. I commented earlier today. I bet I left the page without typing in that verification thingy. Hmm. Too much going on.
    Anyhow, I left a question a few weeks ago (Oct 16 post), and I've dug it up for you. Now see if it makes any sense. :)

    If a paragraph reflects the past, do all of the sentences that follow need to be constructed in past tense? Someone told me that only the first sentence needed to be past tense, leaving the rest in present--which I find confusing and frustrating as a reader. I could possibly see it either way if it's a very short section of a paragraph, maybe two, though it's a stretch for me. Even tougher is if the reflection takes about a page...partway into it I can't figure out if this is still a reflection or back in the present and I just missed something. What is the "right" way to handle a reflection of the past?

    And (this might be a good Erynn question)--I'd love a few posts on writing in first person and handling past/present/passive/active/omg! Actually, I'd like this topic in general for both first and third. I usually get it. But there are some gray areas that frustrate me. I would love simple clarification, Scribble Chick gurus...

  2. Yes. What programs do you use for editing?