Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book tunes

Do you write to music?

Sadly, I can't multi-task sensory-wise like that very well. If I'm listening to music I can't concentrate on my novel, or else I DO start concentrating, and therefore have completely tuned the music out so its pointless. ha.

Does it work for you, though?

I know several authors who create soundtracks for their novels as  they write them or after the book is completed, popular songs that flow in theme or mood throughout the story. That's SO cool to me but I've yet to try it, mostly because of time. But even though I can't listen to music WHILE writing, I still am very much inspired BY music at any given moment. A song on the radio, or in a movie, or etc. can really make me feel something fresh toward my story or provide an idea or scene or argument or piece of dialogue that helps get me out of a writing rut.

Love how various forms of art seem to work together in that way. :)

So what say you on the music front??


  1. I listen to Sports Radio....weird, I know. :)

  2. I listen to movie soundtracks and praise music almost the entire time I am writing. Right now, I have been focusing on the "Prince of Egypt" score and "Be Thou My Vision". :)

  3. Depends...sometimes it's very distracting and other times it drowns out the distractions that live with me. LOL.