Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leaaaavin' on a jet plane...

I'm heading out in the morning to the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis. I hope to see some of you there!! (waving at Cjoy and my roomie Sarah Varland!) I can't wait! The conference is always a highlight of my year for multiple reasons and this year is no exception, also for multiple reasons. Bring on the friendship, the coffee, the networking, the worship, the learning, the fancy dress and new shoes. OH yeah! :)

Don't worry. If you can't come this year, don't beat yourself up, just start saving for next year. Or start tucking dollars away for a difference conference, like Mt. Hermon (Erynn Mangum has been to that one!) There's a bunch of quality conferences to choose from, in different price ranges, I'm just SO partial to the ACFW one because I've been a member for so long and have watched so many amazing God-things happen at that one. It's truly something for your author-bucket-list!

I hope to have lots of good notes on the craft of writing to share with you when I get back. I'll make sure Sarah does the same ;)  Hopefully we'll get something productive done between staying up all night drinking white chocolate mochas.

What goals can you set for yourself to accomplish and share when we get back?


  1. Have fun! I hope to maybe finish my third novel in the next few weeks. I have roughly three chapters to go before editing sets in!!! (This is the novel you read a chapter of.) :) So that's my goal.