Friday, September 13, 2013


So this is a conference related post, so if you're here, come find me and say hi! (if you haven't already), but if you're NOT here, don't be sad, okay? We're secretly taking notes of everything we're learning and we're going to pass that along to you. ;)

My mind is swirling around today with so many thoughts, something I've come to expect during the few days a conference lasts. There's just so much to absorb, to take in, that sometimes it's almost TOO much.

So I think for today I want to say that I wish I had some insightful bit of writing wisdom to share, but today my brain is pretty much on overload. Here's a short list of the best I have for now.

1. Writing is hard. Even when all your writing dreams come true, it's still hard. Worth it, but hard.

2. Writing isn't as lonely as everyone makes it sound. There are people out there like you and it's fun to get to be with them, whether in person at a conference or online like we do here. =)

3. Writing is a talent that some people have and some people don't.

4. Writing is a skill that can also be learned. (How's that for a nice contradiction to #3?)

5. Writing, in and of itself, IS a calling. God doesn't necessarily call everyone to be a best selling author. But He DOES call us to be obedient and do what we're supposed to (so if writing is it, just doing it is good!)

Anything in particular you want to learn from my experience at this conference? Things I should pay special attention to so I can pass on?

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