Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ode to a writer...

There once was a girl who wanted to write
So she opened up a document and began the fight
Battling doubts and insecurities and fears
She ignored the dripping on the keyboard of her tears.

"I'm not good enough, I'm never gonna make it"
"I'm tired of being  real. I'm just gonna fake it"
Around and around went the onslaught of lies
Attempting to bind her voice in ironclad ties.

'Til she shoved away from the table
Drowning in sorrows, "I'll never be able."
Then a Voice whispered truth from a place deep inside.
"You're forgetting the basics. In me you abide."

The Voice gave her pause, and silenced the rest.
Maybe her writing wasn't to come from her best.
Maybe the ability wasn't in her strength at all
But rather in the One who'd never let her fall.

So she sniffed back her tears
Checked her makeup for smears
Grabbed some chocolate and a Coke
Deleted spam and sent a joke.

Then ready once more, hands posed on the keys,
She offered her heart to the One who sees.
No longer afraid, or anxious, or alone,
She trusted The End to His hands--instead of her own.


  1. Beautiful. I am SO guilty of forgetting to give my pen (or my keyboard) over to God. Probably not a bad idea, though. The Bible has pretty much always been a best seller... :)

  2. Awesome!!! Ok, off to write what God puts in my mind and heart!