Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year...



(click on link called conference)

Guys, if there is ANY way you can get your computer-chair-booties to this conference in Indianapolis in September, PLEASE do it.

I'm talking invaluable stuff here. Editor and agent appointments with the best of the best in the Christian book industry, fabulous workshops by authors like Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck, Ronie Kendig, Jim Rubart, Jenny B. Jones, etc., networking opportunities, STARBUCKS, a beautiful hotel, a dress up gala night, free time with friends, spirit-healing worship, and hilarious fellowship.


The keynote speaker is Robin Jones Gunn. (swoon)

Hope to see you there :)


  1. Swoon indeed. I just read Victims of Grace, which I cried and laughed through and came out feeling like I knew her heart so compelled me to email her when I was through, and I bared my heart which embarassed me but I felt like I must. Ha!
    Anyhow - I am trying so hard to find a way to go to this! (And more than just Robin's presence pushes me into that end.)

    Question: How would one go about finding a roommate to split the cost of the hotel? I've got to figure out a budget-friendly way to do this!

  2. Cjoy, I'm reading that too and it's SOOO good, I am moved and surprised and in awe. I had no idea she's struggled with writing the way she has and all the other things.

    I want to go to the conferance but am but am not sure if its possible yet. I'm praying about it.

  3. Join the ACFW! It's cheaper that way too, members get discount off conference fee. And we have a members only email loop where people search for roommates all the time leading up to conference! (Those types of posts are allowed weekends only, due to loop rules, just an FYI) Some people find 2-3 roommates so it's super cheap. And hold some fundraisers, girl. Get people in your family and church and etc. to help you out.

    Hope you both get to go :) :) :)

  4. Yes, definitely cheaper as a member - and before Aug 19!
    Thanks for the heads up about roommate hunting. That's a huge relief. I'm praying about going and really feel like I'm supposed to be there...and if that's the case, I know the Lord can work out the details. After all, He is bigger than money (and the lack of it - haha!). :)