Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is your greatest fear?

When it comes to writing, what is your greatest fear?

Identify it. Label it. Call it out. Acknowledge it.

And then take steps to move through it.

I know it's hard, because naming our fear sometimes seems to give it more power. Makes it bigger in our heads.

Not true. That's actually a lie.

Hiding from our fears, cowering from them, denying them, and not acknowledging them only imprisons us in a cell WITH them. We can scoot away for a bit, sure - out of sight, out of mind - but that only works for so long before they come rattling back over, chains a-clankin'.

No, instead of sharing a metal cot, we need to get out of the cell and leave the fears locked behind.

Whatever your writing related fear is today (or personal fear!) - be it fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of the unknown - label it. Give it to God, and ask Him to break the chains for you. There is victory ahead, because He is the ultimate key-keeper :)

He can unlock that cell door in a second. You just have to ask in faith, and move forward when the door swings open.

What's your fear today? Let's name them and starve their power! They're really not so big after all. Watch and see.


  1. I saw a pin on Pinterest the other day that I loved it said: FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.

    I have like a million fears over writing and I can't narrow down the biggest. :/ probably that I'm wasting my time and not good enough at it.

    1. Doing something you love isn't a waste of time, and there will ALWAYS be more to learn. Sometimes I think that's what happens to rookie writers (ahem... ME). We get so caught up in trying to get everything "right" that we forget to just do what we love -write. :)

  2. LOVE that F.E.A.R thing Tonya! Thanks for sharing. It's true. I've heard that before I think, and really like it.

    You're not wasting your time, girl. I agree with Ashley :) Just do it. Enjoy it. Don't pressure yourself right now to achieve a lofty goal with it. HAVE FUN.

    Here's another thing to remember - who determines "good enough" anyway? I know a lot of talented writers who don't have a contract from a big house but I totally deem them good enough. There's indie pubbed authors or self pubbed authors that are wonderful. There's also some I think should have kept growing significantly before trying to do that. But is my opinion less or more or equal important to that of an editor or agent? Or another reader? Do they have the end all opinion? Does our critique partners, our paid editors...?

    Or God?

    Who determines? I've had people honestly RAVE over one book of mine, and others honestly tear it apart. The reading/writing world is very subjective. Now some opinions matter more in regards to the outcome of a goal, like publication - clearly in that sense, an editor's opinion is more important than mine because they're the gatekeeper. :)

    But God is still the ultimate gatekeeper, and He can inspire in an editor's heart to accept or reject a story. Same with agents.

    Same with readers. We can't do any of this for man because we will be hurt and disappointed regardless! In some form, in some way, eventually it will happen. Whether that's from pub industry professionals or from family or friends or readers or reviewers. It will happen no matter what.

    So we write for the Lord!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! How do you stop putting pressure on yourself? I always get caught up in what I think I want or needs to be that I make it harder for myself.

  4. I'm pretty sure insecurity kills more writing dreams than and "inability to write" ever has/will.

  5. Ashley's right, Tonya. It's in your head, girl. It takes a lot of courage to put your work out there and you have to build that "thick skin" to let some of the negative bounce off. It's hard and you're not alone. but it's worth it :)

    Insecurity isn't of God. Neither is arrogance or conceit or over confidence. There's a balance, and that's where God wants us. Contenta nd satisfied in what He's given us, and motivated to try our best and move forward in faith, not out of vain or boasting in self, but in boasting in HIS power and for HIS glory.

    Being under confident is sometimes worse than over confidence, because it's a lot easier to k nock someone down a peg than build them up. Unfortunately! but you can over come this :)

    Greater is He (God) that is in you Tonya than he who is in the world...(the enemy, who doesn't want you to write and influence others for Christ)

  6. Thank you, I'm working in it :) it does take courage to put writing out there. I recently showed my mom my WIP for the first time, it wa sharper than when I entered First Impressions.