Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Long Will it Take to Get Published?

I had the whole day planned. Where we were going, what we were doing, how I was going to survive this whole teething gig.

The simple answer: keep her busy.

Then the Tiny Human took a 3.5 hour nap--completely unprecedented for my micro-napper.

You probably see the analogy: I've watched people set goals which were completely out of their control (land a publishing contract in the next two years--six months--whatever), and I've watched them get disappointed.

Then I talked with someone a few weeks ago who wrote an e-book and had a traditional publishing offer within three months.

It's just unpredictable, folks. It's like trying to plan with a Tiny Human in the house. You have great intentions, but you are just getting lucky if she conks.

A man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps…

Can I encourage you today? If your'e experiencing frustration that your goals aren't being met--you aren't alone. (It took me four years--four years--after getting an amazing, reputable agent to get a publishing contract.)

So instead of focusing on goals over which you have no control, why not set a few that you can control?

Write twenty minutes more a day. Find a way to reach your target audience. Strengthen your characters. Plot your next project. Polish your current one until it shines.

And know that when you're faithful in the "smaller" things, you'll one day be faithful with the bigger dreams...

Bekah Hamrick Martin is the author of The Bare Naked Truth: Dating, Waiting & God's Purity Plan.


  1. Great post. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  2. *Love* I'm still wishing to be in the latter category;-)

  3. This post is just what I needed right about now :) Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Ladies. Have a wonderful week with your fresh new set of goals!!