Monday, March 28, 2011


I thought BJ's post last Tuesday was SO timely because as of right now, I'm waiting for my agent to get back to me on a proposal I sent him.

About six weeks ago.

I don't think I ever realized how MUCH waiting there is when it comes to writing. You work and work and work and then you finally send the proposal into your agent (or a publisher you met at a conference) and then you wait.

Then, if they like it, they send it around and you wait. Again.

Then a publisher decides they like it and they take it to their publishing committee. Which means?

You got it. More waiting.

It can be frustrating. And it definitely requires a lot of patience. Patience that God is still in the process of teaching me.

So how do you make the most of the wait time? Keep writing, keep reading, keep being productive - well, as productive as you can be checking your email 43 times a day. :)

How do you guys endure the wait?


  1. As an aspiring writer, I'm realizing my impatience totally limits my creativity. I think deep down it's just scary to throw yourself on another big project without knowing if you'll ever make it. Betsy already gave me some good advice (haven't forgotten girl! :), but it's just hard to remember it "emotionally", if it makes sense.

  2. Anne, you're in good company don't worry. It's never really "easy". :)

    Good thoughts Erynn. Definitely lots of waiting. I guess I cope by trusting God, praying about it, and reminding myself it's His will and timing. Then I try to put it out of my head and get excited about a new project. It's much easier to wait when you have several things rolling at once.

  3. Look at this blog post about waiting for yes's & no's
    It sounds like if you still haven't heard it may be a good sign :)